Jenny Lendrum

urban sociologist, feminist scholar

Jenny is a PhD candidate in the department of sociology at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA. Her research interests include community & urban sociology, labor & labor markets, social networks, body & embodiment (with a special focus on women in sport), and urban spaces.


News & Updates

Detroit’s Neighborhoods: Getting by

As part of the continued and much needed conversation about the state of Detroit 50 years following the 1967 uprising, Eli Newman with WDET invited me to share my research with him for a short segment on the city’s thriving though largely invisible informal economy....

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The Local Economy: 50 years later

In addition to the many local and national conversations about what has and what has not changed in the fifty years following the Detroit rebellion, the Detroit News ran a special issue of the 1967 Detroit uprising. In this issue, journalist Kim Kozlowski spent time...

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