I started running in 2006 and marathoning in 2008. Immediately, running became my sanctuary, my temporary departure from daily life and its many stressors. Over the years, I found my running life had crept into other areas of my life and soon became a research area of interest for me. I began asking questions such like: Why do women run? Do these motivations differ for different groups of women? And, in which ways? Why are there so few women of color participating in the sport of marathoning? How are women’s running experiences different than men’s?

Ten years later, I continue to run and compete in local and destination races. I run for social reasons – to be part of the local running community. I also running as a meditative and personal time away from my teaching and research. Much of my writing happens whilst running.

My favorite distance is the full (26.2 miles/42.16km). My goal is to BQ (Boston Qualify) and to continue PRing and running injury-free. I am currently nursing an injury but continue training for the Glass City half-marathon in Toledo.

Cleveland Marathon_2014 (1)
Cleveland marathon, 5.18.14.
My favorite races include: 3M half marathon, Austin, TX; the CRIM 10-miler, Flint, MI; Indianapolis marathon, Indianapolis, IN; the Martian, Dearborn, MI; St Louis half marathon, St. Louis, MO; Towpath marathon, Peninsula, OH; Waugoshance Trail half marathon, Mackinaw City, MI.